Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Well, I'm back from my self-imposed break. You missed me, didn't ya? We had a unusually busy holiday season for our Gang, with travelling to both sets of parents and hosting family in between the stops. Unfortunately, we also had some sickness following us on all our various sundry stops along the way. The Boss is (hopefully) the last of us to suffer through a nasty head/chest cold that has been dogging the household since the middle of December. He always gets it the worst, even though mine always turns to a sinus infection right away. He should be on the upswing by the end of today, I'm praying....

Ni Hao Y'all

My Sunday Snapshot is all about football. In addition to our raging, rabid Eagles-mania here at the Gang's house, The Boss and Dr. D also joined a fantasy football league with one of their uncles and a couple cousins. It's been fun for them, connecting with the cousins and there's been lots of old-fashioned ribbing along the way.

I'm not entirely sure I like the way it's changed how we watch games:
all that stat-checking and rooting for one player vs. just rooting for our team.
But that's alright, I guess.
I root for my Eagles and occasionally the random underdog here and there.

Anyway. Dr. D found out last night at the end of our decidedly lackluster game
with the Cowboys that he won the fantasy league's championship.

He gave himself a "Gator-ade" bath in the driveway to celebrate.
Yeah. Ummm, I nixed the artificial stuff and he used a tiny cup of regular water.
After all, it was really, really cold out there.

 He was jubilant. Even in the virtual world of sports,
he's super competitive and NEEDS to excel.
He also loves to ham it up and make us all laugh
at his antics. He was in rare form last night.

And, it appears, he needs to congratulate himself.
This is a funny trophy he made in an elementary art class quite a few years ago.
He pulled it out tonight and paraded it around the house,
chanting as if he won some national championship or something.

He even made himself a screen banner that he can look at everyday.
Or at least until he has something else for which to applaud himself!

Come on over and join the Sunday Snapshot fun.
Even if you post on Monday like me!

Leave a comment, let me know you were here.
And I'll drop by later. After the coffee takes effect
and I've adapted to the idea of Monday.


ComfyDenim said...

Yes. I missed you.

And this makes me smile.
We should all take lessons and applaud our achievements more often.

*Applause for the Champion!!*

a Tonggu Momma said...

Of course we missed you! And I think.. or I guess I should say that I confess... I would be just like your winner over there. You know, I won my husband's family's Fantasy Football League a few years ago. I was the only woman in the league - and they all rolled their eyes when I joined - and then I won! I totally should have given myself a Gatorade bath. Or, you know, a water bath. Heh.