Friday, March 26, 2010

Adoption Tax Credit Changes!

Those of us in the adoption community know very well the often difficult financial obligations of bringing home our kids. Whether domestic or international, building your family through adoption is NOT an inexpensive venture.  One of my favorite sites, Creating a Family, just posted some important tax information.  It's not information that's been talked about much in the news lately. But it seems that the Adoption Tax Credit has been revised.  AND made retro-active, too.

Go here for information that can help you sort out whether or not you are eligible for additional refunding.  It might take a few minutes of researching, but given the increase of up to one thousand dollars, I think it'll be worth your time!

Thanks Dawn, for keeping up with all the information like this that furthers the cause of adoption!  You rock!


Julie said...

I was so happy when I read this. Hoping to talk hubby into another adoption:)

Chris said...

All I can say is...


Aus said...

Well - to quote the vp - this is "a big Fluffin deal"! Sorry - couldn't resist adding a quote from my bride too - and while I'm no great fan of the current administration - it was good to hear the man get excited about something that is really important for once!

hugs - aus and co.