Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bracing for Re-Entry

Well, we made it home from our long weekend away. A good time was had by all. We got the extra treat of stopping at my BFF's house for lunch and a few hours of catching up. It's wonderful that they live at the half-way mark between Grandma and Grandpa's home on the mountain and The Gang's home. A wonderful get-away. The remainder of The Boss's vacation week is being spent in a "stay-cation" here at The Gang's place.

I find myself struggling today with the re-entry. Does anyone else experience this? Often, when we actually take the time off for a nice, long visit away from home, I return recharged and refreshed. Ready to jump in to our "regularly scheduled programming" with both feet. Rarin' to go. Like I can take on the world. You know, all those old cliches. (Boy, that was a lot of cliches, too!)

This time, I'm feeling prickly and frustrated. Overwhelmed by the laundry. The grocery list-making. The bulletin to be written. The kids squabbling (Comfy, is it contagious? Is it a virus going around the country?!) incessantly. That darned W*ight W#tchers program waiting to be resumed. The book I started and can't get back to yet. The grocery shopping that has to follow the list-making. Meal planning for 14 people for the holiday weekend. All thoughts of preparing dinner for my family tonight COMPLETELY slipped from my head. What kind of mother forgets that she has to feed her family?!

I'm overtired, for sure. One of the fun things about being at the mountain house is the absence of clock-watching. I stay up too late and get up too late. The days get skewed. I'll have to work on that after the weekend. Our awesome friends from VA Beach (who also have 5 kids!) are driving in tomorrow for a rather spontaneous weekend together. I canNOT wait to see them, to introduce Li'l Empress, and to talk long and late into the night with them. I can't WAIT!

So, tonite? The Boss is making breakfast for dinner. Homefries and eggs. The grocery list is started. The house is mostly clean, except for the floors that must be mopped. And the toilets that must be scrubbed. And I'm going to finish that list and curl up with that book and read till I drop over asleep. I have a raging head-ache and am still feeling prickly and frustrated.

Re-entry is a process and I musn't rush it. I'm pacing myself back into real life.

Which is perfectly okay, since The Boss is technically on vacation until Monday morning. Right?!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Yes, re-entry is not an easy stinks. It usually takes me a week to get back in full swing again. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! That's the good news! :)

Have a great weekend!

TCKK said...

We just got back after a short trip too. I had to go in to work today (cause everyone surely wanted to get paid) but I'm off again until Monday. I think I understand exactly how you feel.

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK, Gang's Momma, I usually agree with your posts, but this one is just WRONG. Read on as I quote:

"the floors that must be mopped. And the toilets that must be scrubbed."


:))) Glad to hear you had a nice trip and visit w/ friends. And re-entry is always hard for me it seems b/c I am a self-confessed type-A. It's bad really. Sorry for the above … I probably had you choking on your coffee friend but I couldn't resist. I used to think the way you do, now I just figure it'll get done tomorrow or the next day. :))) Thanks for your bloggy hugs too!

Aus said...

Morning Guys - I got to answer one question in your post - "what kind of mom forgets that her family needs to be fed" - most all of them at one time or another - and they are all good and even GREAT ones! It's called 'too busy' - and it happens to us all! (And I thought we were the only family in the world that did breakfast for dinner - but we include 'goetta' with the home fries and eggs!)

You guys really are the best - and that includes you and your mothering skills - so get off your own back and trust that the Boss will let you know if something needs attention!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - this is a good one for the kids - relax and have some fun - and I'm glad you read that book for a while!

hugs - aus and co.

Mervy said...

You're looking at the re-entry thingy the wrong way! Your wanting to jump into the regular routine right from vacation...your vacation mentality/schedule should meld into the routine. Go to bed a little later. Relax on the toilets (you haven't used them in a few days anyways...). Gently ease into the schedule...I just got back from my week in VA Beach and I'm not allowing a schedule to ruin my vacation relaxation. Yes, I will go to work on Monday (on-time, I hope), but my bedtime will still be a bit off and my mealtimes...I will ease into the routine.

Carol said...

Re-entry...that is one cute idea! Just means we need more time off......LOL....I've been off for the summer and NO ONE is on schedule...I just realized I am powerful!!! I get this family moving....hee it Regina coming to visit???? We are only 3 1/2 hours away and have yet to meet!!!!