Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please Pray

When we were in China, I was very blessed to meet a blogger whom I'd been following for months. I found her through a special needs on-line forum I belong to. We'd chatted by forum and by blog several times before actually meeting in person.

Remember the day we had to walk through this? Well, we serendipitously met the Campbell family that morning, all of us standing in the foyer of this little studio to get our daughters' visa photos processed. We were all soaked, muddy up to our knees, and trying not to think of the disgusting things we'd just exposed ourselves to. We were joking about how happy we'd be to get back to the hotel to down our antibiotics and shower off the muck. We were admiring each other's gorgeous little ones, still so new and unknown. Yet so loved and so known. It was a quick conversation, and we bumped into each other once or twice more on Shamian Island over the next two days while shopping or eating out. If you have some time to kill (I know, funny, ha ha!), you ought to read some of their archives. They have a beautiful family. I've been so encouraged by their blog and their story so far. And yes, I still love peeking in on them after meeting them in person!

But this week, this beautiful family needs our prayers. Their precious little one is facing a huge surgery this week. The whole family needs the love and encouragement of the Body of Christ to support them through this big experience. Please, take some time to bring little Naomi to the throne. Join me in beseeching the Great Physician for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and speedy healing and recovery for Naomi. Pray with me for comfort and peace for Mom and Dad and all her siblings. Continue praying for the coming months as they all adjust to a new normal.

The back story (or a bit of it anyway!) can be found here.

Thank you.


Aus said...

Well good morning - it has been between hectic and frantic here so I'll play a little catch - up on comments! First - too the risk of making a 'bad joke' - been eating mexican or make a run for the border lately? :) I'm sorry - sounds to me like you were sicker than that!

Love your wordless Wednesday - and lastly - please consider Naomi prayed for - and we'll continue until we hear how sucessful everything turned out for her!

Glad you are feeling better and good to see you 'taking charge' - carry on in a like and similar fashion!

hugs - aus and co.

Cindi Campbell said...

Thank you all so much for praying for Naomi and our family. We felt peace the entire time we were at Shriners Hosp. and just knowing people were lifting us up to the Father is so comforting. Naomi is doing well and we are having a time keeping her off her foot. LOL She will bounce back in no time.