Friday, May 25, 2007

"Favorites" Friday

I'm beginning a series of Friday posts, listing my 5 favorite things. Most of the time, I hope to have a theme for the week, but I have to confess upfront that I won't always be that cohesive. Today's post is in honor of the pending Memorial Weekend Visit from my best friend (next to The Boss and my sibs!) and her family. I capitalized it because it's become one of the most important holiday treats in my life. Many of you may know her and many of you are privileged to have her serving you as a pastor's wife and, more importantly, as a friend.

Five of My (many!) Favorite Things About My Best Friend
  1. She is among the kindest and gentlest spirits I know. Her compassion is not just a feeling - this woman puts ACTION to her enormous heart.
  2. She works at this friendship equally and I never question my place in her heart. My prayer is that she never question hers in mine.
  3. She knows the great balance of spiritual depth and levity. This makes me crave conversation with her and incredibly grateful for time spent together.
  4. She has adorable children, who love my children and are deeply loved by my children.
  5. She had the good sense to marry a man who was happy to take on her crazy, outspoken red-haired friend and make us family, too!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, gang. I'll be sitting poolside, sipping iced tea and hopefully sneaking off with MBF for a girls-only trip to Kohl's to hit the sales. Don't forget to stop and thank the Lord for the men and women who have fought and still fight today to keep us free and secure!

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CampHillGirl said...

Yep, we think all the G's are pretty great, too. Glad you had a fun weekend together.