Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY: Shabby Chic Storage

I have a plethora of memories to document here and really no time or mental clarity to commit myself to capturing my thoughts, editing those thoughts, and getting them into a regular posting schedule again. So I'm starting out the gate again slowly... bear with me as this one really has nothing to do with the many milestones Mei Mei is tackling almost daily. Or the adjustment to our new normal that I'm still working through carefully and slowly. Instead, here's a peek at a DIY project that The Boss and I threw together for LadyBug.

Several months ago, I found this small dresser by the side of the road. Dr. D had asked us to be on the look out for "project pieces" that he could clean up, fix up and re-sell. He loves working with his hands and the chance to make something beautiful out of others' cast-offs appeals to him. So I loaded it into the van with Shaggy's help and brought it home.

However, the bones of the dresser were pretty rotted and warped, so he decided to trash it. I asked him to save the drawers and clean them up for me. I had seen an idea in a design magazine a long time ago and then again when my sister did something similar for her boys' rooms. I asked The Boss to make a help me make it a reality for LadyBug's room as she is in a bit of a "re-do" mood and we're trying to accommodate her design gene without breaking the bank.

I asked The Boss to pick up some casters, while I shopped for the knobs and contact paper.


Then it only took a little bit of sandpaper, some clear coat varnish.
Just like that, LadyBug has beautiful
new storage made from these old drawers.

I wish I was "together" enough these days to give you the tally of costs
for this little DIY. But alas, I'm just glad it's done and it's one less thing
for me (and The Boss) to think about for now.
You'll have to trust me when I say it was done "on the cheap!"

What summer DIY's do you have goin' on there? Share in the comments.
I'm always looking for inspiration and ideas.


Aus said...

Actually - maybe I should think about getting Marie back to the blog - we have been doing a re-do this summer (that is really been on hold while we do things like fix fence and clean up after storms - but another comment for that!).

We had a "2nd pantry" across the hall from the washer / dryer. That "pantry" has been gutted and replaced with "used but salvaged" kitchen cabinets from somewhere - a bunch of "left over paint" from the house and the only thing yet to be done is make the counter top. That part will require a trip to the Salvation Army's "re-stock" shop - one the sells donated "left over material" from companies that remodel homes etc. So far we're out about $100 and just a ton of time but are approaching a "laundry room"!

love the job you guys did - and love projects like this!

hugs - aus and co.

Edward Thirlwall said...

Good one! It’s too bad the main part of the dresser couldn’t be salvaged – I’m sure you guys would’ve done a wonderful job giving it a second life. But the rolling storage drawers look great and LadyBug can stash stuff out of the way. We love to do these projects at home too, as you can never have too much storage in the house. But the question is always “where can I store more storage?” LOL.