Friday, June 7, 2013

Two Months!

I can't believe it's been two months today since we met our sweet little Mei Mei in person. Recently, we've been watching episodes of "The Little Couple" on TLC and this week's show brought back so many amazing memories of the first days with both of our girls. The whirlwind of our new normal around here has been too fast-paced with far too many doctor appointments, therapy meetings, and end-of-the-year school activities to recount each of them since I last posted. But I do feel like a look back at our girly over these last 8 weeks together might be fun.

This is one of the first pictures we got before we started
peeling her many layers of clothing off her on Gotcha Day.
That sad, kind of vacant look lasted a good portion of the day.

These two pictures are my favorite from our first day together.
She had finally loosened up a bit to trust us to change
her diaper and finish taking down all the layers.
This sweatshirt is one that we had sent to her
back at Christmas time.

After filling her little belly with puffs, yogurt melts, and ramen,
we were getting some smiles out of her.
By the time we were ready to all hit the hay,
about 14 hours after holding her for the first time,
we had been treated to a couple tiny little attempts at giggles.

This is May 8th, as close to the ONE MONTH
mark from Gotcha Day that I could find in my files.
She had discovered that week how much fun
it is to have her hair played with and styled.
Her inner girly-girl did NOT stay tucked away inside for long!

 Neither did her inner "make my Daddy laugh" girl!
Once she discovered how funny it was to contort herself
while Daddy was trying to manage her diaper and p.j.'s,
she started coming up with all kinds of fun tricks!

And here she is today, TWO MONTHS
after meeting her for the first time.
I can't believe how she's filling out!
Excuse the greasy Dominoes pizza doubling
as yet another kind of hair product and the fingers in the mouth.
While I'm everlastingly glad she has some means
of self-soothing and comfort,
it was pretty hard to get a picture of her today
WITHOUT those fingers in her mouth.
Four shots at the pediatrician yesterday
and a week-long tummy virus have seen to that for sure.

See that mischievous grin?
Yeah, she loves taunting and teasing with Daddy.
What you can't see is that she is wiggling her fingers under
his hand, trying to get those fingers BACK
into her little pizza-hole.

No time on Daddy's lap is complete without
his tickly, scratchy kisses on her neck and cheeks.
She sure puts on a good show of trying to avoid it
but minutes after I clicked this quick picture,
she was sneaking right back up onto the couch for more!

No doubt about it, bringing this little one home to join our gang has been crazy, busy, chaotic, and noisy. There have been some very difficult moments of transition and adjustment. We've had to digest some hard reports from the doctors and learn some new techniques for communication and managing her needs. And her eating habits have stretched our creativity and patience to the limits. But there are plenty of sweet, loving, crazy, and fun moments to help us get through the hard stuff. And we all agree that she's a perfect fit for our family and we couldn't be more blessed.


Scott and Jane said...

Great post. Love seeing the pictures and how much she has changed. I'm jealous of how fast her hair grows and the finger sucking! She is so sweet and does fit into your family so perfectly. Happy two months since Gotcha!

Aus said...

Oh that grin - it's all that AND a bag of chips too! (well - ok - a fist full of pizza anyway!) ;)

Great joy - love this!!

hugs - aus and co.