Thursday, April 4, 2013

Follow Along!

Here's the skinny on our travel itinerary.
We'd love for you to "join" us for the trip.

4/5   -  Leave home and fly to Beijing

4/6   -  Arrive in Beijing

4/7   -  Leave the hotel at 7 a.m. to meet get Mei Mei at the orphanage offices.
After “Gotcha” is done, we head to the Civil Affairs office to complete the paperwork. 

4/8   -  Rest, spend the day getting to know Mei Mei
*Rest. That cracks me up. It'll be more like a crash-refresher course
for The Boss and I on life with an almost 2-year old. BOOM!

4/9   -  Go to the Civil Affairs office to finalize the adoption certificate!
After she’s officially made a new little Gang member in China’s eyes,
 we go to the passport office to apply for her passport.

4/10  -  Rest, shopping, or local tour

4/11  -  Rest, shopping, or local tour

4/12   -  Rest

4/13   -  Tour The Great Wall
How many folks get to say that they've walked The Great Wall
twice in their lives?! We are so blessed!

4/14   -  Rest

4/15   -  Fly to Guangzhou
Hoping to be there in time for dinner with some of the families
in our on-line group with whom we’ve been “in process” for months now!

4/16  -  Take Mei Mei for her medical check up, visa photo, and final visa paperwork
Please pray for this appointment.
We want NOTHING to hold up the finalization
of processing her visa. If there's any concerns about her health,
they would address it here.

4/17   -  Go to the US Consulate for our “official interview” and group oath

4/18   -  Mei Mei’s Visa should be ready to go, allowing her to leave with us

4/19   -  EARLY morning flight from Guangzhou to Beijing and then Beijing to home!
Upon touching ground again,
Mei Mei will be the newest (and cutest) US citizen!

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Please pray with us and for us over the following things:
  • for healing for This Momma's terrible congestion and sinus infection!
  • for The Gang to feel confident and secure in the care of their family members
  • particularly for Baby BlueEyes and Li'l Empress, as they are the youngest
  • and most prone to feeling anxious and sad at our absence
  • for smooth routines and protection over all parts of our home and our vehicles
  • for Mei Mei's heart to be ready to receive our love and become a daughter
  • for safe travel and smooth, glitch-less connections and paperwork

Thanks to you all for the love and support you've shown us in this long journey to our girl. The next time you hear from This Momma, we'll be in China!!!! Can't wait to share the journey from there.


Here We Grow Again said...

Praying for you my friend <3 I love you and am so thankful to see God at work through Mei Mei's journey into your family <3 Can't wait to read your blog and follow know I will be stalking you ;)

Beverly said...

I am praying for you -- so excited for you and the gang and sweet little Mei Mei!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!! Blessings and prayers for peace, safety and God's grace are traveling with you from your Southern Sista!! Beverly

Amy said...

Praying for your family. Can't wait to follow along.

Aus said...

You've come a long long way guys - prayers constantly - stay dynamic (because you'll have to) and God will be along for the ride!

Fair winds and following seas....

(and always hugs) -

aus and co.

Jennifer Hnilo said...

Can't wait to follow your time in China! Blessings for a beautiful journey!


( fellow rq-er :))