Saturday, February 16, 2013

Moving On!!!!

On Friday afternoon, I shot a last minute email to our long-suffering and patient Immigrations Officer to inquire about the still pending I800 approval process.

I was thrilled to come back an hour later and find a note verifying that she had indeed JUST processed our approval. Once the Supplement 3 and the results from Shaggy's fingerprints get collated with the original I800 packet, the whole package goes off to the National Visa Center to start the next leg of the paper trail to travel plans.

Another step down in the long journey to Mei Mei!!!!

Here's where we are, for you who enjoy the visual. Check out Step #10 - that is supposed to get started on Tuesday. Our Step #9 had a bunch of mini-steps thrown in by the need for Supplement 3 filing and Shaggy's inclusion in the paperwork as an adult household member.


Aus said...

Great couple posts here GM - may have to try the recipe - always looking for something easy and good!!

Back to the matter at hand - when is your spring break this year? I'm thinking that maybe the kids will be off school while you are "in country" - or if God is really smiling on us - might be off school the week you are back?

Said another way - have you started the packing / unpacking / re-packing madness yet? ;)

hugs - snoopy dance and maybe even a quiet and soft HOORAH -

aus and co.

likeschocolate said...