Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ahoy, or Should I Say Yoha!!!!

The other night, Dr. D and I were watching a late night college football game. We were talking about some of his favorite college teams and the "greats" of the sport that those schools have produced. I recalled a story of a player from many years ago who had been spotlighted regarding his struggles with ADD and dyslexia, so Dr. D was googling him and trying to find out who I meant.

In his searching, he came upon a list of famous folks, celebrities and the like, who deal with dyslexia. The list was quite extensive and we chatted about the names as he read them to me.  Some of the names included notables like Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, Sir Richard Branson and more. He was as surprised as I to read just how many folks have overcome such learning struggles as dyslexia.

After just a couple seconds of reading over the site, he said, "You know this list includes the three major actors in the Pirates of the Carribbean series. Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly, and Orlando Bloom."

"Yeah. How 'bout that? What a funny coincidence," I said sleepily. After all, it was nearing midnight and my brain felt fuzzy.

He lifted his arm in the air (as if hefting a sword), smiled cheekily at me and said, "hgraAAA!"


Aus said...

OH Dr. D - while not exactly politically correct - still a TOIR!! Dude - you are a seriously funny and class guy!!

and GM - be danged if I know how you stand it - but I bet it's a ball!!

hugs guys - loved that humor - (and yeah - aus is dyslexic too - and was in high school with Tom Cruise - his freshman year - his real name is Tom Mapother and he attended St. Francis Seminary with me - I was an upperclassman at the time!!)

aus and co.

The Gang's Momma! said...

That is seriously cool, Aus!!! And did you know that Tom Cruise's great grandfather's birth name was O'Mara?! There's a lot of us with that surname and it's never been proven that there's a link. But he's also from the Syracuse area, where my dad's family is from. :) Coinky-dink? I think not :) I'm not a huge TC fan, but it's cool to think about. There's another O'Mara who's hit it big in Hollywood - Jason O'Mara... And when I look at him, there are some strong family similarities in appearance. Also cool :)