Friday, November 11, 2011

It's a New Era

A big, big change has happened in The Gang's House. And while I know the change is for the better, for a right start to a big future, it's NOT a change I have embraced easily.

Most of you know by now that Shaggy is a senior. That Shaggy is a licensed driver. And that Shaggy is a hard worker, with his sights set forward toward the plans that God has for him.  We are extraordinarily proud of the young man that Shaggy is. We are thrilled to dream with him for the destiny God has set out before him. Last week, he took another step in pursuing that future. He got his first "real" job, with a schedule, training hours, a paycheck. And yes, taxes, too.

Tonight is his first shift. He's joining the world of retail fast food.

Though I am usually not excited about these big changes that mean my gang members are growing up so quickly, I must admit a teensy little thrill of excitment over this part of the change.  I hear tell that Ch!k-F!l-@ has some mighty awesome milkshakes. I'm thinking Shaggy needs to let his Momma test that theory for herself one of these afternoons. His treat. I'll take it in payment for the taxi fare.

But I digress.....  Back to the change.....

Last night, he took the biggest step of all in toward in chasing this new era of his life.

He got a hair cut.


I say it all the time.
This boy has some great hair.
Good-bye lovely long shaggy locks.

Off the collar, layered.
Neat and tidy for the retail fast-food industry specs.
And just way too grown up looking for this momma.

Those had better be some darned good milkshakes.
I don't think the nuggets will be comfort enough.


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Hummm....Shaggy ain't so shaggy any more? ;)

hugs - aus and co.