Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scared Straight

I was running LadyBug to band camp this morning and saw a funny thing.  Well, at first it was funny. But when I watched longer, it got less funny.

An SUV next to me was manned by a elderly gentleman. This gentleman was chatting quite animatedly on his hands-free headset. WHILE he was juggling a steaming cup of morning coffee. AND trying to fit his G*P*S into it tiny bracket on his dash. All this as he was sitting in the left-turn lane at one of the busiest intersections in our neighborhood.

The funny part was watching him while we all sat at the red light, his hands flying everywhere. It also slightly amused me that the hustle-bustle frantic pace of life so often associated with my age-stage of life seems to be infecting the older generation.

Until the light turned green.

The not-so-funny part came when I watched him gun it at the green left-turn arrow and keep doing all the stuff he was doing while he waited.

I'm sure glad I was in the middle lane. I was scared straight.

1 comment:

Aus said...

You bet - the one I saw the other morning was the 'hair brush / compact / and laptop balanced on her lap - steering wheel....but she held the turn OK....

I was hoping to see the powder fall into the keyboard - bet that would be something of a challange to clean! (And would server her right!!)

hugs - aus and co.