Monday, May 11, 2009

A Perfect Day

My Mothers' Day was perfect. Except for LadyBug's little fever. But even that turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for extra time together. I allowed Baby BlueEyes and Li'l Empress to skip church with me and LadyBug. We all snuggled up on the couch with the shades and curtains drawn to watch our favorite girl movie, Little Women. (Baby BlueEyes was a great sport, but mostly un-interested in the story or gorgeous dresses and lovely hairstyles. He kept waiting for the battle scenes because I had told him it was set in the Civil War era!)

Once The Boss, Shaggy, and Dr. D returned from church, I got to spend some time wandering around my local K*hl's all alone. I returned to the amazing smell of dark chocolate brownies baking in the oven. And vases of my pretties placed strategically throughout the downstairs. The rest of the day can be summed up in these pictures.

Mmmmm, the house still smells amazing, and the color is so deep and lush!

My perfect meal: steak, garlic roasted broccoli, and baked potatoes. Salad on the side. And dark chocolate brownies after some very thoughtful presents and the world's funniest Hoops and YoYo card. (Go ahead, click over. You know you want to. HI.LARE.EEE.US!!!! Just come back, quick!)

My Mothers' Day treasures. All five of them. I am a blessed woman, indeed.

And the wonderful, amazing hubby who made it all happen. And who still makes my heart skip a beat.

Pretty much picture perfect, wouldn't you say?


TCKK said...

What a great day! Little Women and K*hl's!

April Isaacs said...

I am so glad you had such a nice day. I had dinner/lunch with my mom and my mother-in-law and we had the same dinner- steak and baked potatoes and salad. Yum!

Didn't it feel so good to have our little ones on Mother's Day. I am SOOOOO glad it's not this time last year! Shewwwww!

You're a great mom!

Jessica said...

Love the movie Little Women and what woman doesn't like to go to K*hl's all by themselves. I am so glad you had a great day. You deserve it.

heidi @ ggip said...

Awesome! Anytime you come home from shopping alone to the smell of baking brownies is pretty much a perfect day!

Beverly said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Glad you got to enjoy it - you deserve it my sweet friend!

Aus said...

Glad you had the day you wanted - mom's deserve it....but it does kind of set the bar for next month!

hugs - aus and co.

patricialuann said...

Hmmmm.... you turly did have a wonderful Mother's Day! YOu can enjoy Little women later with your little women. ;)

Jenney said...

I love your card. I snuck over here from April's site when I saw you got a Hoops and Yo Yo card...cause those always make me laugh :o)

TCC said...

It's great to have days like this.

I loved the lilacs!