Friday, March 27, 2009

Say It Forward

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I've skipped a couple "Say It Forwards" with all the doctor's appointments and stuff going on around here. But this week, I'm back to tell you about another of my loyal commenters.

Comfy Denim is the mom-extraordinaire over at Notes from the Laundry Pile. She's enthusiastic, witty, and sometimes down-right droll. But what I appreciate the most about her comments week after week (beside the fact that she keeps coming back and reading my stuff) is that she is such an encourager. Whether it's me or another commenter, she's another one of those gals that just keeps pointing back to Jesus. She's passionate about Him and it shows through when she's writing about home-schooling, parenting, or just regular life.

Notes from the Laundry Pile is actually one of the first blogs I ever read, outside my group of "actual, physical" (real?!) friends. And when I finally, a year later, started my own blog, she was right there, reading and commenting away. We've had such fun bantering back and forth over the last year, and recently we got to connect on Facebook too. Trust me, her interactions are just as sweet and uplifting there, too. And I think she has forgiven me for not knowing who she was when she first requested to be my friend. I mean, who'd have thought that Comfy Denim wasn't her real name?!

So, if you have never ventured out to the Laundry Pile, jump on in. I promise, there's nothing stinky or nasty going on in that laundry pile. It's all freshly washed and smelling fine. You might have to pitch in and help with some folding, but the chat will be worth it. I promise!

Oh, and Comfy? Don't forget
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Display it proudly, you've earned it!


ComfyDenim said...

Oh, WOW.
I'm a bit sniffly and quite speechless.

You should record this moment in history. Me being speechless.

Okay - it's over. Sorry for those who missed it.

You have done gone and blessed my socks off!!! I wouldn't pass on reading your blog for anything (Even when I'm way behind in blog readin')

Today started off rough - and you've just made it sweet!! I am very blessed to know you. :-)

(And thanks for being my facebook friend.)

Livin' Life said...

comfy denim is one of my fav bloggers too!!! Yay!

Aus said...

Maybe I'll have to add comfydenim to the list - like I need to add another blog! Oh - and on friends - real or 'virtual' is they way I like to say it - but friends none the less!

hugs - aus and co.

K said...

Just found your blog from Delayed but not denied blog and am lokig forward to reading it .The PB and J pics are sooo cute